Pay With Bitcoin

Digified Media is a big fan of bitcoin. As a result we have decided to accept bitcoin for everything. Because we believe in it and see the signs of mass adoption, we offer every single one of our clients a 15% discount on all our fees if paid directly in bitcoin. It’s our little way of contributing to the mass adoption and encouraging others to educate themselves about sound money and finance.¬†

Unprecedented inflation & money printing, centralized control over your money & your bank accounts, political censorship, and corruption are all traits of our existing monetary and financial systems. Bitcoin fixes this.

How to Pay in Bitcoin (15% OFF ALL INVOICES)

When you get your invoice, you will see a price in dollars and a price in bitcoin (BTC) with the 15% discount applied. If the price of BTC moves more than 5% in USD value before the invoice is paid, we will readjust the invoice to reflect the new price of BTC, and thus how much BTC is required to pay the invoice.

To pay your invoice in BTC, open up your BTC wallet, and send the invoiced BTC amount to the address below:
[Munn Wallet Address & QR code]

Exceptions to the Bitcoin Discount

Please understand that there are a few situations that we can NOT honor any discount and can NOT accept bitcoin. These scenarios are few but they exist. It is usually when we have costs that go directly to a 3rd party entity beyond our control. Below are a few scenarios where we cannot accept bitcoin and therefore cannot offer a 15% discount.

Ad spend: If running PPC advertisements, your advertising budget must be paid in the full amount using fiat currency (USD or CDN), as this goes directly to the advertising platform such as Google or Facebook. Our services for managing and running the ads can be paid in bitcoin and are subject to the 15% discount, but your ad spend is not.

Hosting & SSL Certificates: Digified Media is NOT a hosting or SSL certificate provider. Therefore any costs associated with web hosting and SSL certificates will be your responsibility to pay with a hosting provider like GoDaddy. We provide advice, guidance and work in your hosting account, but the hard costs of hosting and SSL certificates will be your responsibility.

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