Pay With Bitcoin

Digified Media is a big fan of bitcoin. As a result we have decided to accept bitcoin for everything. Because we believe in it and see the signs of mass adoption, we offer every single one of our clients a 10% discount on all our fees if paid directly in bitcoin. It’s our little way of contributing to the mass adoption and encouraging others to educate themselves about sound money and finance.¬†

Unprecedented inflation & money printing, centralized control over your money & your bank accounts, political censorship, and corruption are all traits of our existing monetary and financial systems. Bitcoin fixes this.

How to Pay in Bitcoin (10% OFF ALL INVOICES)

When you get your invoice, you will see a price in dollars and a price in bitcoin (BTC) with the 10% discount applied. If the price of BTC moves more than 5% in USD value before the invoice is paid, we will readjust the invoice to reflect the new price of BTC, and thus how much BTC is required to pay the invoice.

To pay your invoice in BTC, open up your BTC wallet, and send the invoiced BTC amount to the address we provide you.

Exceptions to the Bitcoin Discount

Any bills for our services (labor) can be paid in Bitcoin. Any 3rd party platforms or services required will most likely need to be paid for with a Credit Card.

These exceptions include services like webhosting and domain providers, adspend, email marketing platforms, automation platforms, website add-ons or paid plugins, etc.

Generally speaking, if it’s not Digified Media’s service then we can’t promise to accept Bitcoin for said service.

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