Website Development & Maintenance

An effective website is not just some kind of online brochure, but a lead-generating asset that also enhances the customer experience.

What's The Purpose Of A Website?

Professionalism and Awareness

A professional looking website gives instant credibility. It is also used to generate awareness through online searches, or when networking with potential partners or clients.

Communicate What Your Business Does

A website should very quickly make it clear to visitors what you do and why they should consider your products or services. You typically have less than 20 seconds to capture someone's interest before they leave your site for good.

Generate Leads That Convert

Your website should generate leads for your business. If applicable, it should also have a means to convert the prospect into a paying customer. Your website should enhance your customer experience as much as possible.

Do You Have A Website?

I Need A Website

Awesome! What kind of website do you have in mind?

A Professional Website But No Fancy Bells & Whistles

You just need to get online with a professional website that communicates your products or services in an effective way to your prospective clients. There are no plans for future 'Bells & Whistles' to expand the functionality of the website. The site will consist of informative pages with 'call to action' items, phone numbers, contact forms, and maybe a blog. The site also needs to adhere to basic 'best practice' principles of online search.

A Professional Website With Future Functionality In Mind

You need a website that is built to easily expand it's functionality when the time comes. It will start out like a professional website that communicates your products or services in an effective way to your prospective clients. However in the future you may need to add an online store, a classifieds style section, online payments, event calendars, etc. The site needs to be built with online search in mind as well.

A Professional Website With Specific Functionality

You need a website that not only communicates your products or services in an effective way, but also does some specific things. You might need an eCommerce store, a real estate website with IDX functionality, or perhaps a website for online appointment bookings, etc. The site also needs to have basic foundations of online search built into it.

I Need More Information About A New Website

I Already Have A Website

Great! You’re already ahead of the game. What scenario best describes your website below?

I Need Someone To Maintain My Website

If you already have a website, then you need to make sure it is regularly backed up and updated to the latest software versions. Not doing this can greatly increase the chances of a nightmarish situation for your website. Thankfully this is a very inexpensive monthly process that can prevent major problems and provide peace of mind.

I Need To Update The Look & Feel Of My Website

Times change. Your business and website need to keep up with the times. Maybe your site is old and outdated. Or perhaps you had a major change in your business that is not communicated on your existing site. Let's make sure your website looks, feels, and communicates effectively to your clients.

I Don't Get Enough Visitors To My Website

Having a website is one thing, but it doesn't do you much good if nobody knows how to find it. Thankfully there a numerous ways to start working on increasing your online visibility and user engagement. There are things we can do on your site and off your site to start improving your traffic stats and user engagement.

Keep My Website Safe & Secure

For $100/month Digified Media will:

* You will be responsible for any applicable hosting and/or SSL fees associated with your website. Digified Media is not a hosting or SSL certificate provider.

** Only applicable to WordPress sites. If you do not use WordPress, please contact us and we can provide a package based on your website platform.